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Box 4 – The Refurb Box


Box 4 is the big kahuna – the refurb box! Not only do you receive more detailed drawings to guide you through your room transformation, but you will also get more of us & an annual membership (usually worth £100 per year) giving you access to savings of up to 15% on products.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire & sent us few photos of the space & measurements, we will arrange a (video) call to discuss your project in greater detail.

To make sure we’re on the right track, we will make a first colour selection & run this by you before proceeding to the curation of your design box. We will post paint charts & an initial paint plan for your consideration.

Once we get the green light, we will then get to work curating a full plan for your room, which will include fabrics for curtains & upholstery, accessories, furniture & lighting.

We will take all of your existing pieces into consideration & incorporate these into the new scheme.

All of our ideas will be pulled together on a moodboard for your easy reference along with a floorplan & elevations* so you will know exactly where our suggestions are to be placed. We will also go into greater detail on lighting solutions for your space.

All of the above will be posted to you in a beautiful box so you can go through it all in the comfort of your own home. It is key to check paints & fabrics in situ as what might work on an over-lit photoshoot might not work in your north facing room.

Once you’ve had a chance to go through your design box, we will be in touch to arrange a follow up call to walk you through our plans in greater detail & to talk through any questions you might have.

There might be a few changes you’d like us to make to the plan so we will prepare a digital revision board for you to print off. We will also post new samples to you to add to your box.​

Your box will include a shopping list for all of the suggestions, with all membership discounts noted so you can get in touch to make use of your savings & start making purchases for your refurb.

​​*elevations are detailed drawings showing you more information not found on a floorplan. These will show you where to hang the mirror we’ve suggested or how low the pendants should hang.

If you’re working on more than one space, then make use of the multiple room discount to make a saving of 10% on the overall order (within the same category). The discount will be applied in the cart.

Box 4 – The Refurb Box

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